Carling Group Ibérica is one of the fastest-growing investment groups in Spain. Our buy and build approach creates values by consolidating fragmented sectors such as hospitality, real estate, green energy, healthcare, and building services.

With a growing international portfolio, The Carling Group operates a global network of strategic partnerships which help it to make decisions immediately and on the ground, adding value quickly where opportunites arise. The group is known for its rapid growth and has been involved in deals valued at more than £1billion. Companies that join Carling Group Ibérica can unlock new levels of opportunity and investment.

Carling Group Ibérica is a partnership business with The Carling Group connecting with various regional partners across Spain to identify and manage its vast pipeline of potential acquisitions across a number of Spanish sectors.

The Carling Group is focused on stabilising and decarbonising fragmented sectors internationally. Led by Co-Founders Graeme and Leanne Carling, the highly effective and active board has vast experience in building exceptional growth through a successful buy and build strategy.

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